This course is not currently available.

Introduction To Buddhism is an instructor led course offered in Victoria BC Canada.

This site is not the course but is the resource materials site for the course. This site simply identifies the subjects that will be covered and provides some additional links etc.

This course provides a non-denominational introduction to Buddhism in general. The subjects covered can be seen under the heading “Lesson Resources” in the Table Of Contents on the right hand side of this page.

When and how long is the course? Six evenings, one per week.

Who Should Attend: This course is for those who are curious about Buddhism and have little or no previous exposure to it.

Who Teaches It: Rick Bateman, an instructor with three years experience from the Camosun College Continuing Education program and ten years experience and study of Buddhism. Please see the “About The Teacher” tab for more.

Is Drop In Ok? No, this is not a drop in course.

CostA course fee of $25 is due at the first class. This is required to help me pay for the meeting space.

Recommended Reading: There is no textbook for this course however there is a list of books I recommend that would be helpful.

Why This Course?

This course was born from a two hour, spontaneous conversation with a friend who asked me a series of questions about Buddhism, something I had been involved in for almost ten years. Having successfully conveyed to her the essential concepts (somewhat to my surprise) I realized afterwards that although there are countless books on Buddhism, there is no commonly taught introduction to Buddhism in general. Normally, the only place to get “in person” teaching is from a Buddhist temple or school and they will teach you Buddhism per their particular schools lineage.

Most people who become interested in Buddhism gravitate over time to a particular style of Buddhism, often based on local availability and personal relationships,  however initially they would appreciate an overview of its origins, history and basic concepts. The purpose of this course is to provide that overview.

For The Student

This course is intended as a broad and general introduction to Buddhism. It is not intended for academics nor is it intended to answer all your questions about Buddhism. The latter generally requires a dedicated practice in one of the schools of Buddhism. This course is intended simply to provide an overview and to help you chose which one suits you as a next step if you are so inclined.

The course will be presented in a style similar to what one would experience attending a continuing education class at a local college except that it will be less formal and more personal. We will use as few non-English words as possible and keep the context as everyday and simple as possible.

Make no mistake however, Buddhist concepts are notoriously counter intuitive and in many cases challenging to personal beliefs and other value systems. Therefore the recommended mindset for this course is an objective one, to consider the information presented dispassionately and simply as “what Buddhists believe”.